New Students

All is welcome.

Yoga can be done by anyone! Beginners are welcome to join any class that suits their schedule since our yoga classes are built for “all levels.” In order to cultivate an atmosphere of inclusion, diversity, and non-judgment, do your best in class and take breaks as required. There will be no condemnation!

What Do You Expect?

Prepare to sweat because all classes are heated to about 95 degrees (unless otherwise stated). Expect a demanding workout that will leave you comfortable yet energised!

What Do You Bring?

A towel, a mat, and water are the three basics. You may rent a mat and towel for $1 each, or you may bring your own. To respect the sanctity of the yoga room, we practise barefoot.
Exclusive Offer for New Students

Exclusive Offer for New Students

Dana is a young woman who has a To all new and local practitioners, Hot Yoga is offering two weeks of UNLIMITED HOT YOGA for just $25.00. We have a range of yoga class packages and scheduling choices to choose from after you’ve completed your 2-week trial (2 consecutive weeks) of yoga classes.