So…you’re ready to take advantage of the Dana Hot Yoga (DHY) Wellness Package?  EXCELLENT CHOICE!

Not only are essential oils amazing for wellness…once you become an essential oil (EO) believer you will start to realize just how many toxic, chemical-filled products are likely in your home, and that you have the option to switch to safe, convenient Young Living products instead. At least that was the realization I had, and for that, I am so grateful! In this post, I will cover step-by-step how to get started, and also everything else you might want to know about joining this wellness community!

There are SO many essential oil companies out there, but I personally choose & use Young Living’s oils and products. You can read why via this link!

So how do you get started?? With The DHY Wellness Package, of course!

To get started with the Wellness Package, the best (and most economical) thing to do is to purchase an Essential Oil premium starter kit for $160. This is basically the best way to acclimate into the essential oil world – you will receive:

  • 10 Hot Vinyasa classes to be used at any Dana Hot Yoga studio (3 Month Expiration)
  • 12 of YL’s most loved oils via the Premium Starter Kit
  • A diffuser
  • Samples of Thieves Cleaner concentrate (that we use at the studio), Thieves hand sanitizer, and samples of Ningxia Red, an amazing liquid multivitamin and antioxidant.  
  • 24% off (Wholesale Pricing) for anything you buy from Young Living in the future (although no obligation).
  • Ongoing online education

How to get your premium starter kit:

  • Sign up to become a YL member. There are ZERO monthly fees, monthly minimums, or strings attached when you become a member. It’s basically like creating a login for any other site, except becoming a member gets you access to the Wellness package (which is discounted by about 80%, btw!) and as I mentioned, it also gives you 24% off all YL products!! You can sign up here!!
    • There is also an option to sign up as retail customer – as retail you unfortunately do not have access to the starter kit, and you also don’t get the DHY Wellness Package privileges. 

  • After signing up, you can go ahead and choose a premium starter kit.  There are a few different options – most people go with the kit with the Desert Mist diffuser, which is $160. You can upgrade to a kit with a more advanced diffuser, but those are a little more expensive.
  • Wait patiently for your oils to come in the mail! But don’t worry, in the meantime I’ll be shooting you an email with info + tips to get you started, and adding the 10 classes into your mindbody account so you can immediately start on your path to wellness. Don’t have an account with us yet?  Create one here!   I will make sure to get you on the Facebook groups I am personally in that teach you ALL about how to actually use these amazing oils. It’s basically like having your own little network of awesome people who are SUPER knowledgeable when it comes to using these oils on yourself, on your kids, your pets, and in your home. Owning the oils is one thing…but being apart of the community & gaining knowledge about clean living is PRICELESS!


I am do I restock my oils & try new products?

  • Great question. The answer for that is the Essential Rewards  (ER) program. AKA your monthly wellness box.  While being a YL member does not require any kind of monthly minimum/is not a subscription service, you do have the option to join ER, which is. If you’re going to continue to purchase Young Living oils & products, this seriously is the way to go!! Here’s why I signed up:
    • For each ER order you place you rack up loyalty points (anywhere from 10-25%), which can be later used as cash for more YL products.
    • There are promos each month, so when you place your monthly order to restock your favorites, you’ll get free oils and/or products in the mail as well!
    • Everything comes straight to your door (with discounted shipping) no running here, there & everywhere to stock up on the products you need.
    • You get loyalty gifts along with your order at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months.
    • You get the peace of mind knowing everything is safe, clean, and free of toxins for you & your family
  • All you have to do to remain enrolled is place a 50PV order (PV=purchase volume, for most items 1 PV = $1) each month (so generally a $50 a month purchase). So that could be a few oils, a few products from the Thieves line (laundry detergent, toothpaste, dish soap), some all natural non-toxic makeup, another diffuser, supplements, etc. For me personally, I enrolled in ER to not only keep my oil collection growing, but also to gradually and realistically replace all of my toxic & potentially harmful household & personal care products. As I run out of each not-so-clean product, I will replace it with the safe, natural YL alternative. AKA the ditch & switch! FYI you can discontinue ER at any time.

Do I have to sell the oils?

  • Absolutely not! When you sign up as a member, you are technically deemed a “distributor.”  However, that does not mean you are now responsible for selling YL products. You do not have to sell a single oil or kit while on your path to wellness. A majority of  Young Living members just purchase their favorite oils & products (usually through Essential Rewards) and never step onto the business side. No strings attached, remember?

What if I want to share this oily community with my family & friends?

  • You absolutely can! If a friend or family member wants to sign up to get a wellness package of their own, make sure to give them your member # to sign up under, and YL will send you $50 as a thank you! If not, you can always send them my way and I’ll be happy to help them through the process. And if you ever want to get into the business side of Young Living (so many women have actually found financial freedom from it…crazy!!) just let me know and I can help to get you started.

A lot of info, right?  I was kind of overwhelmed too when I delved into this essential oil world, and that is totally ok! If you have decided to sign up & join this healthy community, just know that it is seriously going to be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. I’ll be here to help you get acquainted and start your oily wellness journey!!

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Follow the link below to start your journey