Alex Branzinski

My first yoga experience was senior year of high school and involved one Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga DVD, no mat, and a full stomach. This all but lasted 20 minutes from which I took a motley group of asanas to implement into my warm-up and cool-down routine for track and field. It wasn’t until mid-way through college that I cultivated a keen interest in Eastern philosophy, meditation, and medicine. That is where my true journey with yoga began. After graduating from La Salle University, I decided to pursue acupuncture at Won Institute in Glenside focusing on meridian energetics and sports medicine. I have recently graduated from Dana’s Fall 2013 Teacher Training Program. I made an amazing group of new friends and developed a better understanding of the cohesion of the individual and the metaphysical in yoga. My goal is to create an energetic environment focused on restoring mental equilibrium, enhancing kinesthetic awareness, and broadening functional movement. All are welcome to join me on their mats in journey of self-exploration and spiritual realization.